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The easy way to log in as your clients

VAs, marketing teams, web developers and Online Business Managers work twice as fast!
Open all websites for a client in one click
Save time typing urls and looking up usernames and passwords. Get to work on a client instantly.
Stay logged in as multiple clients in any website at the same time
Stay logged in as multiple clients at the same time in Gmail, Google Calendar, LinkedIn or any other website. No more logging in and out and closing browsers to check your personal facebook or do a quick task for another client.
"ClientHat is our secret weapon. Our marketing assistants can be logged in to several accounts at the same time and switch back and forth with ease."
Judy Schramm, ProResource
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ClientHat is implemented as a browser plugin.
No more looking up passwords. Store your list of clients, their websites and logins in ClientHat. Passwords are encrypted with 512-bit AES encryption and require a user-specific encryption key to unlock passwords for use by ClientHat. Users themselves can never retrieve the plain-text password.

Teams also have the option of allowing clients to securely enter and update their own passwords for use in ClientHat so that not even the team owner needs to know the password.

How is ClientHat different from LastPass?
One Click
Open all of your clients in one click with usernames and passwords auto-filled. No more need to look up logins and separately open each client website required to complete a task. Switch from one client to another in seconds. Save time = $$$.
Client name clearly labelled and color coded
All client sites open in tabs!
Stay logged in
ClientHat allows you to stay logged in under multiple client accounts in the same website at the same time. No more needing to log out of your Gmail to check a client's Google Calendar

ClientHat supports multiple concurrent logins for any website: LinkedIn, Aweber, InfusionSoft, GoogleApps - you name it!

How is ClientHat different from Google Chrome Profiles?
No more logging in and out
Work as a team by using ClientHat to invite teammembers by email. Then securely share client logins with the team without sharing the actual password. Teammembers have access only to the clients that have been shared with them. And its just as easy to revoke access too.

As a teammember you can work on multiple teams and each set of clients is securely separated.
Securely share client logins
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